EUROVOX 2018- Presentation at the European Congress for voice teachers and voice professionals organized by the Dutch Voice Teachers Association (NVZ) and the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA).

European Platform for Artistic Research in Music 2015, Gratz 23-25.04.2015
Presentation at the conference (https://www.aec-music.eu/userfiles/File/customfiles/final-reader-2015-eparm-graz_20160125102331.pdf)

2011 – 2015
Projects: Teaching voice in popular music context & Digital Technology in Teaching Voice

2010- 2011
Project :m(Other)-A card game for collective trans-creativity
Creative research conducted in collaboration with five artists and researchers coming from different disciplines.The project was led by Chilean artist C.Chierego and is addressed to practitioners – artists, educators and creative people in general – searching to enrich their practice through the exploration of transdisciplinary languages, beyond their common grounds. It proposes a series of mechanisms and a toolbox aimed at offering a set of resources for the design of innovative processes of collaboration. This instrument, or manualfesto, is an artefact – somewhat between a handbook and a deck of cards.

2007 – 2010
Project: From singer to reflective practitioner: performing and composing in a multimedia environment. MPhil thesis, University of Portsmouth.
This exegesis comes as result of performing, composing and researching in a multimedia environment over
the past few years. I started working on my projects with the following question in my mind: how can I
improve my own practice? Asking this led to identification of the problems related to making a live media performance, as well as prompting discussions about the types of knowledge necessary for producing a work of art that includes more than one medium. The purpose was to document, contextualize, and clarify the creation of my works and to support the choices that I have made as a composer, performer, designer and researcher within the period of 2006 – 2008.

2007- 2008
Research about possibilities for applying dutch model of music and technology education into Macedonian music schools. Further developed and executed by ZFAC

2005- 2006

Project: Documentation and publication of mixed media and live electroacoustic music (collaboration between Professional School of Arts Utrecht -PSAU, Utrecht School of the Arts and Utrecht University, NEAR ) An interdisciplinary group of master students supervised by Hans Timmermans documented two compositions by Anne La Berge, Drive (2003) and Toss (2004), studied the possibilities and complications of such documentation and the related issues of author’s rights, and writes a report with recommendations for future documentations of such works. This project was a part of the bigger research conducted by Dutch music Donemus Foundation and presented as a paper at EMS : Electroacoustic Music Studies Network – Montréal 2005