Aleksandra Popovska (NL/ Macedonia) is a Den Haag based vocalist, performer and improviser/composer .
She grew up in Former Yugoslavia, got educated in Serbia, Macedonia, The Netherlands and England.

Being exposed to a wide variety of cultural influences in between Western and Balkan affected her life and her creative work, her inspiration and style when performing or creating new, original works.
She is freely mixing music of different origin & styles; the Macedonian vocal traditions, sophistication of Italian belcanto, contemporary vocal techniques, live electronics, popular music,etc.

Aleksandra established her unique vocal style in a wide range of performance practices. Vocal soundscapes, multimedia works, paintings, photography, sound installations are part of her tools for expression. The focus of her most recent work is on creation of audio-visual works and works for children.
Her international career began in 2000, as a vocal and keyboard player in Dragan Dautovski Quartet, performing in over fifteen countries in the world. She participated in recordings of more then twenty Cds in different music genres.

In 2012 she was invited to the Faculty of Music in Skopje (SS.Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia) to teach voice, create a curruculum and to coordinate a Program in Popular music studies departmant, where she stays till the end of 2015.