December 2- Tribute to Joni Mitchell- Theater De Regentes Den Haag

September 1 – Spotlight Festival – Theater De Regentes Den Haag

Juni 10 – Ik Toon @Globecentrum Hilversum

April 1- New Renaissance Film Festival- Amsterdam 2023
Premiere of a short movie “Moroccan tea” for which Aleksandra compose the music.
new renessainse film festval 2023

19 March – Music Performance in Rotterdam, Bookshop theater Donner,
Book presentation of Marianne Grootenboer

4 March – Music performance @ Galerie Wijnstraat Doordrecht
drie-gallery 2023

1 February – Cd presentation by choir Subito. performing one of Aleksadra’s composition “Ani, mori nuse”.

15 January -book presentation “Irregular rhythms” by Macedonian journalist Ljupco Jolevski, Skopje Macedonia, including an interview with Aleksandra
Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 20.21.30

7 January – The night of World music -radio programm Concertszender radio with 60 minutes music of Aleksandra


21 November- Music performance @ Podium Noord, The Hague, NL

October Haagse Popweek 2022- Street sessions with Koor Pepperoni

September 22 – Central Library Den Haag, Concert Tribute to Joni “Lessons in survival”
Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 20.43.18

24 Juni – De Nieuwe Regentes’s Zomerexposition
Concert and exhibition of three visual works
zomer expo 2022

18 June – Dag van de Componist- premiere of a composition for choir “Positive Currency” @ Rotjekoor Rotterdam

March-April Deutsche Oper am Rhein- UFO Community project (Düsseldorf & Duisburg)
18 performances “Songs with Roots”, by Zonzo Campagnie
songs with roots

20 January Performance @ Kapsaloon De Nieuwe Regentestheater, Den Haag
theater kapsalon


August 29, Gradina project, openair concert with Zoli Soos and Cvetanka Sozovska @ Cromvliet Rijswijk,

July 3, Project “Songs with Roots”, Big Bang Festival,Luxemburg

Juni 27, Balkon Scenes-Gradina project, openair concert with Zoli Soos and Cvetanka Sozovska, Panderplein Den Haag/The Netherlands

Juni 20 Balkon Scenes-Gradina project, openair concert with Zoli Soos and Cvetanka Sozovska , Nutshuis Den Haag/The Netherlands

Juni 21 Balkon Scenes-Gradina project, openair concert with Zoli Soos and Cvetanka Sozovska , Waalse kerk, Den Haag/The Netherlands

April 10, Opera ensembles, concert- masterclass with Marjan Kuiper@ Noorderkerk, Den Haag, The Netherlands

February 7, Online promotion of a video “Snow Falls”/ fragment of Morton Feldman’s piece “Three voices”

February 5, Online promotion of audio-visual poem “Hope is the thing with feathers”.

January 24 Performance at When Eats Meets West, Trieste Italy

January 15 Online broadcasted concert @ Acoustic roots-Concerzender radio, The Netherlands


December 29 MANEK by NKSS-magazine for independent culture promotion, Serbia

December 23 Video promotion/CD album of a Joni Mitchell’ songbook, The Hague, The Netherlands

December 18 broadcasted concert @ Acoustic roots-Concerzender radio, The Netherlands

October 16, Radio concert @ Acoustic roots-Concerzender radio, The Netherlands

October 11, DUMSTAD ,
Wereledmuziek, concert with Cvetanka Sozovska (piano), Utrecht, The Netherlands

September 8, Acousticroots radio concert with Zoli Soos (guitar), Concertzender radio Utrecht, The Netherlands

August 27, ZomerZoet Festival, concert with Zoli Soos (guitar), Regentes Theater, Den Haag, The Netherlands

July 26, Muziek in Cromvliet, concert with Trio Alka
Rijswijk, The Netherlands

July 8, SoundMine project, Alden Biesen, Belgium

February 9, NieuweNoten Amsterdam, composition premiere with COCOA composer collective Amsterdam, Plein Theater Amsterdam

February 7, Concert with choir Pepperoni, Korenslag 2020, The Hague, The Netherlands

February 2, Concert at Feel at Home Fair, The Hague, The Netherlands

December 14th, Houtrustkerk Den Haag, The Netherlands
Luscinia lfayer 2020

December 8th, “Het hart van Europa” – Kamerkoor Amphion @ Oranjekerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
hart van europa poster

October 26th, Eastern Neighbours on Tour, De Balie Amsterdam, The NEtherlands
Solo performance before the movie “God Exists, her name is Petrunija”


September 28th concert @ Regentes Theater, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Trio with Zoli Soos guitar and Cvetanka Sozovska -piano during the one day festival “Soep met liefde”.

September 28th Choir Festival Terug an de Kust, Sceveningen , The Netherlands
Conducting two community choirs, Lusinia & Pepperroni.


September 12th- Eastern Neighbours Film Festival on Tour, performance in Lieve Vrouw Theater in Amersfoort, The NEtherlands


September 4- “Show your hope” North Macedonian week/ painting presentation , Inkijk musiceum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

July 7th- Summer concert with Luscinia choir/ Strandpaviljoen de Staat, The Hague?The Netherlnads

June 15th, Choeur Du Brouhaha will perform two my choir arrangments, Montreal Canada

April 12, Project by Haagse KunstKring “Portret”, music performance

March 7/8/9/15/16/17, Project “Hear my voice”, Landgoed Sancta Maria, Nordwijk/ The Netherlands

January 24, a project “Selma”, theatrical-concert with Zuilense Fanfare Corps, @ Podium Mozaik Amsterdam, The Netherlands

January 19 & 20, a project “Selma”, theatrical-concert with Zuilense Fanfare Corps,@ theater Zulen, Utrecht, The Netherlands


December 15, a concert with Luscinia International women choir of Den Haag, @ Marlijn Theater, The Hague, The Netherlands

December 14, a concert with Choir Inspiration @ Kerstafette, LEiderdorpkerk, Leiderdorp, The Netherlands

December 8, NUB / National and University library of Macedonia, performance ” Emotion- Last evening”. Collaboration with choreographer Krenare Nevzati

November 21, Melancholia |Final presentation, voice , drama and music,Theater Imperium, Leiden, The Netherlands

October 29, Solo performance @ the Eastern Neighbours FIlm Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands

September 1, Paper presentation @ the European Conference for European Voice Teachers

July 29, Harbour and Parallaxis concert
Co-composing project with Aspasia Nasopolou and Floris van der Vlugt
for Cheng Yu-Wu, flute and electronics, Ten-Party Music Theatre Recital Hall ,4 Lane, 187 West Road, Taipei City, Taiwan

July 12-21, Muziek theater project “Isadora” by Kunst Klank, Nordwijk, the Netherlands

June 1 Kies je Kunst, premiere of a piece Stormy sea for voice, tape, harp and video.
Korenhuis Den Haag

February 19, New Music Incubator Concert at Maison Haute, Brussels, Belgium
Premiere of a new composition “Two days before…”


September 24, Solo perfromance at Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, Kino Rotterdam

September 22, New Music Incubator-concert at Warsaw Autmn Music Festival
Premiere of a new composition “D#agreement”

April 1, 15th Extraordinary Congress: Amsterdam

February 26, solo performance at program Kamera Kultura, Nuthuis, Den Haag

February 23-24, “Navel” multidisciplinary theater project with vocal group Maze


November 13, NOMAD project @ Big Bang Festival, Gent, Belgium

November 7, Live music performance @ Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, Filmhuis Den Haag, The Netherlands
ENFF Special- music for Okatvijan Miletic silent movies

October 29, Music performance @ Muzikantenhuis,Gent, Belgium

May 12, Presentation with Claron McFadden, David Dolan and students from Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Splendor Amsterdam, The Netherlands

March 30, Sasha Waltz Open Studio goes Amsterdam, Splendor Amsterdam, The Netherlands


November 28, Solo performance for voice, Splendor, Amsterdam

November 8, Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, Film Huis Den Haag, The Netherlands

Februari 15, Music room, solo performance for children (voice,toy piano, ipad, little percussions) @ Spinrag Festival, Kortrijk-Belgium


October 25 Macedonian and Dutch Electroacoustic music- STEIM AMSterdam, The Netherlands

October 26 , Live electronics performance “Zither Smither”
HKU and Macedonia – Muziekhuis Utrecht, The Netherlands

August 1, Festival Ilindenski denovi, Bitola/ Macedonia; Concert with Dragan Dautovski Quartet

June , Collaboration (voice and duduk) with the London based German composer Moritz Schmittat on the soundtrack for the movie” Inbetween the worlds” by Feo Aladag that won 1st price Film Music Competition Transatlantyk 2014

February 4th, Sound instalation “404 ErroR” presented at the 37 Days of Macedonian music, Festival “Sonic Immersions”, Skopje MAcedonia

January, Collaboration with the London based German composer Moritz Schmittat on the soundtrack for the movie “A Dark Reflection


November 6, CD “Flame” promotion with Dragan Dautovski Quartet, Skopje, Macedonia

October, Collaboration with the London based German composer Moritz Schmittat on the soundtrack for the movie “Scopia

August 2, Ocarina festival, concert with DDQ, Bled, Slovenia

July , Summer Festival, concert with DDQuartet, Skopje, MAcedonia

March 12-14, Premiere -Sound instalation “Timeless nymphs” @ UFO 2 ARt FESTIVAL, Ohrid, Macedonia

March 16-17, solo performance,KLARA FOR KIDS, Antwerp, Belgium

April 6, solo performance, @ Storm-The next thing in Jazz, CC De Grote Post, Oostende, Belgium


November 18, solo performance @ Culture Centrum C-mine, Genk, Belgium

November 11, singing with Barbar project & Cvetanka Sozovska @ Pulchri studio, Den Haag, The Netherlands

October, singing with Barbar Project @ Macedonian vine promotion, Kasteel de Wittenburg, The Netherlands

September, Singing with Jam de la CremeFestival European Life I live, Den Haag, The Netherlands

August/September, 30 Solo performance for children, Muzieklabyrith at De studio, Antwerpen, Belgium

May, Concert Barbar Project, 1AnderFestival, Schijndel,The Netherlands

June, Concert Dragan Dautovski quartet, OffFest, Macedonian National Theater, Skopje, Macedonia

May, Concert Barbar Project, 16th International Gypsyfestival, Tilburg, The Netherlands

April, Concert Barbar project, World Trade Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April, Radio performance Barbar Project, Radio 5, Hilversum, The Netherlands



December, Concert Barbar Project, Day of World Music, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

November, Solo performance, Big Bang Festival @Bozar- Palace of fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium

November, Barbar Project, Noordelijk Film Festival, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

September, DDQartet, Echoes of Centuries, Festival Maribor, Slovenia

July, Concert with Dragan Dautovski Quartet,Negotino summer festival, MAcedonia

May, Barbar Project, WTC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May, Barbar Project at BuurtSuperEuropa, Den Haag,The Netherlands

April , Concert with Barbar Project, Cafe de Kluis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April , Festival City2Cities, installation performance with Il Faut Manger,Utrecht,The Netherlands

January, Concert with Dragan Dautovski Quaret, Kultur Senat, Izmir, Turkey


December, Performance installation , Il Faut Manger, Post Office Hilversum,The Netherlands

November, Concert -10 years of DDQuartet, National Opera and Ballet, Skopje, Macedonia

November, BigBang Festival,  Opera de Lille, France

November, Oorsmeerfestival, Opera Ghent, Belgium

October, Nederland leest,City library Hilversum,The Netherlands

September, Kavadarci city of culture, Macedonia

September, Uitfeest, Cultural Sundays, University library, Utrecht, The Netherlands

July, Bitfest, Macedonia

June, Rotterdam Opera Festival, Lantaren Venster, The Netherlands

May, Sarajevo Film Festival, Filmhuis, Den Haag, The Netherlands

May, Macedonian Cultural Day, Castle Hernen, The Netherlands

March, Festival Ars Musica, Antwerp, Belgium

February, Vocal stories, Proeflokaal#78, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands


December, Luister Salon, Arti et Amicitiae/Amsterdam,The Netherlands

Nov/December, Century Songs, MuziekTransparant, Belgium

November, K met paren, Studio K, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November, Huis van de Kunsten & Gooise Kunstkring, SPANT Bussum, The Netherlands

September, NewIsland Festival, NY400, Governors Isnad/Manhattan coast, USA

September, Festival WildKunst Grass, Stichting Magdalena/ & CBK/GSA galerie, Hilversum, The Netherlands

August, Ohrid Summer Festival, MAcedonia

June, WIND NOMAD SAND, Oerol Festival, The Netherlands

June, Skopje Summer Festival, Macedonia

June, Festival Fete de la Musique, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

May, Open atelier day, Stichting Magdalena Hilversum, The Netherlands

May, MAcedonian/ Dutch cultural day, Zonnenhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May, 5th European Music Festival EUROPAMUSICALE/MUSIC MEDITERRANA, Munchen, Germany

April, La Chamotte gallery, Laren, The Netherlands

February, Macedonian day in Naples, Florida, USA


October, Balkan Snap Shot Festival & Turbo Fest, Studio K, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Het Nokia Offer, work from in modo plastico, De badcuyp, Amsterdam, The NEtherlands

Uitfeest Utrecht, Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht/orangerie, The Netherlands

September, 3rd Zgetno Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

August, Pluck de Nacht, Open air film festival Amsterdam , The Netherlands

May, Festival Mariovo meeting, Macedonia

April, The voice of the past,  Festival Days of Macedonian Music , Universal Hall Skopje, Macedonia


November, Tree studies,Trytone – zaal 100, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

October, Gif Grond, platform for experimental music in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

June, Every.When. Experimental art center AMD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

June, EAPS Security Forum Ohrid 2007, Macedonia

February, Bukefalus, Nikolei KErk, Utrecht, The Netherlands


November, Art Attack Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands

June, Bebel, Utrecht, The Netherlands

May, Muziek Gebow aan t IJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July,  Festival Dyonesya, Rome, Italy

July,  Festival “ Galicnik wedding” , Macedonia

July, CeltiRock festival, Montalegre, Portugal

February, Concert in Kolonie weding, Berlin, Germany

January, Academy Theater Utrecht, The Netherlands


January, Facuteit Kunst,Media&Techologie, Hilversum, The Netherlands

February, Concert Noble-Brissel, Belgium

April, Agnietencapel,Gouda, The Netherlands

April, Concert of contemporary music “Easter v.s. Queensday”, St. Anthonius Church in Utrecht, The Netherlands

April, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June, JazzHall, Stuttgart, Germany

July, Festival Music meeting, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

August, Festival Musica Balcana, Ruurlo, The Netherlands

August, Ohrid Summer Festiva , Macedonia

September, Days of Macedonian culture, Russian Federation

Theater Center “Pavla Slobodkina”,Moskow

Theater “Komisarzevska” ,St. Petersburg,


November, Theatar Caffe Borra- Amersfort,The Neatherlands

Decembe , Club Paradox-Tilburg, The  Neatherlands


April, DDQuartet “Maria’s dream” interdisciplinary project, Universal Hall, Skopje, Macedonia

May, Festival FABRICA EUROPA Florence, Italy

June, Festival EKO, Ohrid, Macedonia

June, Festival “Vojdan Cernodrinski” Prilep, Macedonia

August, Macedonian Cultural Festival 100 Years Ilinden, Australia

-Sydney Opera House, Australia

-Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne

-Enmore theatre Newtown, Sydney

-Wollongong Entertainment Centre

September , Festival “Vuk’s convention”, Loznica, Serbia


January, Audiovisuel eureka, Bruxelles, Belgiuum

February,  Sarajevo winter festival, Bosnia&Hercegovina

May, Festival “Goce’s days” Bitola, Macedonia

June, Festival “Racin’s meetings” Veles,  Macedonia

July, Festival “Galicnik wedding”, Macedonia

July, Festival “Alarm “, Ohrid, Macedonia

July, Festival “Prilep summer”, Prilep, Macedonia

September, Festival” Kumanovo Jazz “ ,Macedonia

October, Festival “Sky” Zagreb, Croatia


April,Tobacco Album, multimedia project, Macedonian National Theater, Skopje- MAcedonia

April, Guest appearance at Djivan Gasparyan concert, Universal Hall, Skopje- Macedonia

May – Days of Macedonian Culture, KIEV – Ukraina

July – “Lady Magbeth” ballet- Ohrid Summer Festival – Macedonia

Avgust – XV FESTIVAL GRAD TEATAR, Budva – Montenegro

September, Ballet “Lady Magbeth”- National Opera and Ballet- Skopje, Macedonia

October – MAKFEST, Stip – Makedonija

November – CD promotional concert “ Path of the sun” Universal hall, Skopje – Makedonija


February – 05-06 – Milenium Dom , London,UK

November – “Roots and blossoms” Skopje – Makedonija